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Medical Consultant
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Start Video Conferencing & Web Conferencing Effortlessly

Content Sharing

Share files during Live meetings
Refer to content easily.
Get Live feedback of views & opinions.
Everyone can be on the same page.

Screen Sharing

Share your Screen Live.
Show everyone exactly what you want them to see.
Use the Co-annotation tools to provide immediate feedback.
Everyone can focus on the same issue.


Live interaction between participants.
Highlight, Erase, Add Text Comments.
Share your thoughts.
Live Feedback to Improve Productivity

Record Meetings

Record Meetings in Real Time.
Save meetings online.
Share saved meetings easily.
Review Saved Meetings easily.

Naturalistic Meeting Experience

Meet Customers.
Interact with Colleagues around the World.
Meet with Global Partners easily.
Bring the Global Marketplace to you.

Up To 500 Interactive Video Participants

Live Virtual Events.
Unlimited Audience.
Engage with your Audience Live.